Test Automation in Selenium

Selenium is an open source tool that is used for automating the tests carried out on web browsers. It is one of the best software testing frameworks that always have its own kingdom built in IT Industry. It is probably considered best option for automated testing of Websites today. Selenium is becoming increasingly popular and it is the first and the best choice of automation testers as well as companies for automating the testing of Web-based applications for the GUI and also the functionality.

You will be expertise and eligible for:

  • To understand what is testing?
  • To understand Software development model.
  • To Understand Architectures of software development.
  • To learn the features of Software development models.
  • To learn major concepts of the testing methodologies.
  • To know different approaches to Testing.
  • To understand of the types of testing.
  • To plan and create test plan.
  • To execute the test plan.
  • To create andmanage test cases and defect profiles.
  • To build strategies to track testing processes in the bug tracking systems.
  • To do document of the test report in the testing enclosure document.

  • Pre-requisites/ Target Audience

  • Basic Knowledge of Computer.
  • InternetConnection.
  • Beginners who want to start their career in Software Testing field.
  • Already a tester: You can refresh all your testing basics and techniques and gear up for Certifications in Software Testing.
  • Fresh Graduates: If you have passed out of college recently, and looking for a job in QA/Testing Industry, then this course will definitely help you build skills required for your first job.
  • Non-Programmers: If you are interested in IT, but hate programming or find it difficult, then Testing allows you focus less on programming and more on analysis skills.
  • Non IT Professionals: If you are currently working in some other field, but interested in building a career in IT, then this course will help you step into the IT field

  • Introduction to Selenium

    Locators, types of locators

    Handling TextField, Checkbox and RadioButtons

    Identifying Objects using Xpath

    Actions Class, TakesScreenshot, Dropdowns, JavaScript Executor


    Sikuli, JavaRobot

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