Gaming is the running of specialized applications known as electronic games or video Games on game consoles like X-box and Play station or on personal computers(in which case the activity is known as online gaming). The term "gaming" originated as a synonym for "gambling" although most electronic games today do not involve gambling in the traditional sense. Gaming refers to playing electronic games, whether through consoles, computers, mobile phones or another medium altogether. Gaming is a nuanced term that suggests regular gameplay, possibly as a hobby.

The independent game industry has seen a substantial rise in recent years with the growth of new online distribution systems, such as Steam and Uplay, as well as the mobile game market, such as for Android and iOS devices.

Roles and Responsibilities of Development team:

Tools for game design and development:

The world of gaming is fast paced and hugely exciting, especially with the ongoing developments and projects being created using virtual reality applications. But this can be a daunting environment if you are thinking of building your experience. There are a number of tools and resources around to help make your game or app a success.

1. Visual Studio:

Visual Studio,Microsofts developer tool suite has been around for years. which is a clear indication of just how popular the software is among designers and developers. A fully featured integrated developer environment(IDE) for Android, iOS, Windows, web and cloud, Visual Studio offers productive development tools and powerful services.


A highly efficient and capable project management tool with built in code repositories, Assembla is quickly becoming the resource of choice to build the latest games. Boasting a number of incredibly handy features, Assembla allows individual developers and teams to manage every aspect of a projects, from ideation to production, coding to communication, all in one place. Assembla is also the number one SVN provider in the world and features integration with leading communication app Slack, meaning the project team and clients can work together out of one platform helping games launch on time. Assembla provides everything you need to manage all your tasks, team and code in just one place a must-have tool for any game developer.

3.Unreal Engine:

This renowned of game development tools has been used to create hit games on just about any platform. Made by game developers, for game developers, Unreal Engine provides everything you need to make your next project, whether it be a simple 2D game, console blockbuster or virtual reality app, a success. Designed for mobile, now and in the future, Unreal Engine 4’s features gives you the power to develop your game and seamlessly deploy to iOS and Android devices.


It may seem obvious to say but every designer and developer needs a place to record even the smallest of ideas and be able to access them anywhere. Evernote,one of the most popular note taking apps around,allows users to do just that, enabling the capture, nurture,and sharing of ideas across any device.


Blender is an open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems. Started by Blender Foundation founder Ton Roosendaal back in 2002, Blender is now the largest open source tool for 3D creation. Its makers are constantly working on its development,but you can pretty much do anything 3D related with this software, including modelling, texturing, animation, rendering and compositing.


Speaking of 3D models,you’re going to need to texture said assets and theres no better program to start with than Photoshop.The go to tool for creative professionals, Photoshop provides an extensive and dedicated toolset for the creation and texturing of your game assets.


3D painting software Substance also offers a way to paint your 3D assets in a procedural and natural way. A popular tool among 3D and digital artists,Substance features a complete and familiar set of texturing tools PBR and particle painting,Substance procedural effects,smart materials and smart masks, and fast baking.

Corona SDK:

It is a software development kit that is available on Windows and OS X and uses Lua as a scripting language. Using Corona, one can develop mobile games for free. However, to create a game or app with more elaborate features, you need to opt for enterprise model that offers native libraries and APIs. Corona SDK uses its rendering engine called OpenGL. Its built-in scene management and transition library helps adjust and modify your game’s graphical qualities. To make the game development easier,Corona Labs offers a Corona Editor and Text plugin.You can create a graphical environment to design different levels and understand the interaction between the objects.


Available on iOS and OS X, It is Apple’s proprietary 2D game development framework that supports both Swift and Objective C languages.SpriteKIt offers great convenience to developers.With SKView, scene management is made easy.SKAction class can be leveraged to move,scale or rotate various game objects.It also supports sound and developing custom codes.SpriteKit offers scene editor that enables designing of levels.Particle editor helps with developing different particle systems.It has Box2D for its physics engine,and a built-in camera through SkCamera Node class which makes navigation easy.


It is a mobile game development engine that supports C# and UnityScript which is Unity’s own language like JavaScript. It comes with free as well as professional editions. It is a cross-platform tool and is deployable to many platforms. Like other tools, its built-in editor allows you to edit images and organize animations from animator window.

Marmalade :

It is a fast, high-performance cross-platform engine for creation of 2D and 3D games. The SDK can be used to code in C++. Marmalade Quick version supports app development using Lua scripting language whereas Marmalade Web facilitates creating hybrid apps using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.Marmalade is an award winning platform that is popular among top game developers for its ability to build native games for both mobile and desktop.Marmalade Juice is another mobile game development tool that supports easy porting of iOS games to Android ecosystem.


NextPeer is a Multiplayer social SDK that addresses the issue of multiplayer gaming on mobile.It supports both types of gameplay synchronous and asynchronous. NextPeer enhances the quality of gaming experience and player engagement, and helps developers achieve maximum user retention. It facilitates real-time interactions and live rankings in order to make it more interesting and real. It has a delayed synchronous technology.


These are some of the points we can adopt in game development process. If we find it impractical to manage the technological resources. we explored some of the popular mobile game development tools, engines and framework as preferred by today’s developers. We can compare and have better insight about which gaming, best your development requirements. This will be useful for next game development plans.